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2013 Bhutan – Yongkhola to Chhumey Valley

Friday, October 25 ~ Drive from Yongkhola to Chhume (Chumey) Valley and the Tharpaling Monastery

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We drove back north and east through Thrumshing National Park on Thursday to  the Chhume (Chumey) Valley where we spent the night in a peaceful resort located in Blue Pine forest habitat.It had been a long day’s travel with rock slides and interesting places to stop and walk along the way. The weather was crisp and clear so we stopped again at the waterfall the the bridge for better photo opportunities.

All of us were in need of some civilized amenities like a hot shower and electrical outlets for charging all of our ‘toys’ and camera batteries. As we approached Jakar, where we had stayed for the festivals 3 days before, we learned that most of Bhutan was ‘in the dark’ due to a transformer incident earlier in the day. We were facing the possibility of a hotel with no electricity and more importantly, no hot water!! However, the power came back on just as were driving through the lodge gates.. however showers had to be postponed until the hot water heaters could do their thing.

We stayed in a beautiful lodge in a nature resort where we could see one of the King’s hunting lodges across the valley.

We go up very early in the morning to get to the Tharpaling Monastery in time to see the monks feeding the Monal Pheasants. It was a crisp, cold morning. The monks put out grain for the beautiful Monal Pheasants, which can be viewed often at close range from the balcony of the monastery.

Lodging: Chumey Nature Resort in the Chumey Valley

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