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2013 Bhutan – Paro and Chelilla Pass

Sunday – Monday, November 3 – 4 ~ Return to Paro and visit Chelila Pass
Enjoy the morning for the attractions in Thimphu. Drive to Paro and check in at the Janka Resort. The next day, depart before dawn at 4 am for the 90-minute trip to Chelila Pass, perhaps spotting a Grey Nightjar or even a Leopard Cat, a small nocturnal cat that is sometimes sighted before dawn on this road. The road winds upward through the Blue Pine, which slowly changes to higher elevation conifers, such as spruce, hemlock, fir, and juniper. At the summit, the vegetation is mainly dwarf rhododendrons and open alpine meadows. With the pass located at close to 13,000 feet, this is the highest road in Bhutan. If skies are clear, you’ll have a fantastic view of sacred Mt. Jhomolhari and adjacent Mt. Jichu Drake, both over 20,000 feet. This pass offers a breathtaking view of the Haa and Paro valleys. The quest for the day will be the majestic Monal Pheasant. Other specialties include Blood Pheasants, Spotted Laughingthrushes, Himlayan Griffon, White-browed Rosefinch, and White-throated Redstarts. Collared Grosbeaks may respond to our recorded calls.

After a breakfast in the field of hot rice porridge and other goodies cooked by Hishey’s staff, descend to lower elevations, where resident birds include species of tits, Red Crossbills, Kalij Pheasants, and Yellow-billed Blue Magpies. Return to Paro for lunch and a free afternoon to pursue your interests. Later this evening, gather for dinner and a farewell celebration together.
Lodging: Janka Resort in Paro

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